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The process of making video content, which includes everything from concept and script development to filming, editing, and post-production. It involves a variety of tasks, including as lighting, sound recording, camera work, video editing, and visual effects, among others. A range of content is produced with videography, including films, television programmes, commercials, corporate videos, training videos, and web content, among others.

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Video production can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Marketing and advertising: Videos can be used for marketing and advertising purposes to advertise goods and services, raise consumer awareness of a brand, and interact with consumers.
  • Education and training: Videos can be used to educate new skills, train staff members, and give clients instructional material.
  • Entertainment: Videos can be used to make entertainment-related content like online videos, television shows, and motion pictures.
  • Informational: Videos, such news stories, documentaries, and informational videos, can be used to spread knowledge about a subject.
  • Corporate communications: Videos may be used for shareholder meetings, company presentations, employee training, and other internal and external communications within an organisation.
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